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Career Opportunities

We are permanently recruiting both for the SOA Internal Team as well as for our customers. Some positions are actively open, others are considered recurrent as the market is very dynamic. Discover all of our exciting job opportunities below!

  • Human Resource Intern
    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Customer Services Intern
    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Business Developement Intern
    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Coating Technical Engineer
    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Head of Sourcing and Supply Chain Operations
    Ho Chi Minh City
  • Supply Chain Operator
    Ho Chi Minh City

Spontaneous application

Our fast-growing company is permanently looking for new talents, are you ready for the challenge?

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Why Joining SOA?

Human Resource Intern

Competitive Employee Policies

Beside a competitive internal salary scale, based on skills and seniority, SOA, through its internal “Employee Benefits Program” (EBP) offers numerous advantages and a variety of cash and non-cash benefits for its employees. We care for our employee’s wealth, health and wellbeing at work.

Human Resource Intern

Dynamic, Engaged and Fun

Our young and ambitious spirit offers a great opportunity for all employees to experience our international working environment. Diversity makes our everyday even more interesting, each one of us is encouraged to bring our authentic self and uniqueness to work! Together, we share those values during numerous fun activities: yearly company trips outside of the city, sports races, flea markets, and breakfast every Friday. Spontaneous suggestions always pop-up!

Human Resource Intern

Purposeful Work

Every day, we support customers to establish and develop their businesses, operate effectively, and achieve success thanks to our expertise. To become an enabler of customer’s ambitions, every employee works on exciting and meaningful missions and benefits from dedicated training, internal courses as well as language classes.

Human Resource Intern

Well-Equipped Facilities

We are located in Thao Dien and enjoy a big terrace with an astonishing view on the Landmark81. We have the chance to be located in a very comfortable and professional space, totaling more than 1000m2. Multiple meeting rooms are available to work in the best conditions, and pantry is available for everyone to use freely!

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Human Resource Intern
Human Resource Intern

Meet the team

As an international consulting company working with different cultures, we put Human Resources and Human Relationships on top of our priorities. Through our Corporate Services, we do not recruit only for internal SOA positions but also offer exciting opportunities for our customers! We share the same values and always strive to create a great place to work. Everyone’s contribution makes it come true ! Every year, we recruit and welcome more than 50 new employees with a large diversity of profiles, allowing them to evolve and blossom. Meet our Boards of Directors and Managers!

Thierry - CEO
Thierry MERMET
Managing Partner- CEO

Having more than twenty years of experience working and residing in Vietnam, Thierry has in-depth knowledge of the challenges and complexities faced by foreign companies upon their initial entry into the country with a plan to operate and expand their businesses. In collaboration with his partner, Benjamin, he established Source of Asia in 2007. As CEO, Thierry’s goal is to drive the company’s development and guide it toward long-term success.

Thierry is currently an active member of various international associations, such as:

  • The Vietnam & ASEAN Representative of the Globallians Association
  • The expert of Vietnam and ASEAN markets at the OSCI association
  • The active partner in Vietnam for Bretagne Commerce International.
Zach - COO
Managing Partner - COO

With a background of more than 10 years in Sourcing and Supply Chain, Zacharie embarked on his journey to Source of Asia as a Sourcing Director in 2012. Through his leadership and extensive experience, he managed both the team and the organization’s business activities. Zacharie is now Chief Operating Officer at SOA, where he demonstrates his proficiency in overseeing and supervising all operational aspects within the company.

Zacharie is currently an active member of several international associations, holding key positions such as the Vietnam & ASEAN Representative of the Globallians Association, and the Vietnam representative of the OSCI association.

Office Director

Isabelle is an expert in legal and business management consulting, specializing in the Southeast Asian market. She has held leadership positions at Consulting and Law firm offices in Ho Chi Minh City for over 17 years, preceded by several technical positions in a French Banking Group.

Fluent in English, French, and Vietnamese, Isabelle excels in cross-cultural communication, ensuring effective collaboration with diverse stakeholders. Her previous roles including Legal and Project Management Consultancy demonstrate her ability to achieve project success.

In her current mission as Office Director at Source of Asia, Isabelle oversees the Internal Division, encompassing HR, Admin, Compliance, Finance, and Accounting, ensuring the company’s operations align with its strategic direction and client expectations.

Untitled Design (13)
Chief Strategy Officer

After 5 years in French advisory firms (PwC, Eurogroup Consulting), where Adèle contributed to different strategy & organization consulting projects (innovation, change management, technology, investment), in various industries (energy, transportation, technology), her journey in Vietnam began in 2018.  She worked for Business France Vietnam, the public institution supporting French companies to set-up worldwide. In 2022, she took on the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Source of Asia. As CSO, she leads the development of the company’s overall strategy in collaboration with the Board of Members and Business Unit’s Directors.

Furthermore, Adele is actively involved in structuring, launching, and supporting the company’s new M&A department.

Tra Le - Market Expansion Director
Tra LE
Market Expansion Director

With a career dating back to 2007, Tra has acquired significant working experience in both the agency and client’s side as a confirmed business consultant. Her expertise in international business and partnership development has been unceasingly nurtured through several foreign enterprises and associations such as Siemens, Ipsos, CCIFV, and Finnsea.

Tra joined Source of Asia in 2022 and is currently serving as the Market Expansion Director. In this role, Tra overseas the Market Approach and Sales & Trading departments while also driving strategic initiatives to facilitate company growth. With a cross-cultural mindset and customer service skills, Tra manages a team of more than 10 people to develop her clients’ plans for expanding the market and achieving growth.

Human Resource Intern
Nathalie TRAN
Business Transformation Director

Nathalie embarked on her career journey in 2008, gaining extensive experience in supply chain management, business development, and strategic planning at big corporations (such as LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, Celine, or Takila France), all of which have honed her skills as a dedicated and results-driven professional.

Her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship led her to become Source of Asia’s Business Transformation Director. In this capacity, Nathalie takes charge of evaluating existing processes, expertly analyzing implemented changes, and proficiently recommending strategic adjustments to workflows, schedules, and critical processes. Her keen eye for improvement and commitment to efficiency are invaluable assets to the organization’s success.

Corporate Service Director
Huong LE
Corporate Service Director

Anh - Head of Corporate Services
Anh VU
Head of Corporate Services

Anh Vu is a professional with a wealth of experience in corporate services and human resources management. Her journey with Source of Asia began as a Corporate Advisory Manager, where she excelled for four years before advancing to her current position as the Head of the department.

Throughout her career, Anh has honed her expertise in various areas, playing an essential role in managing HR & Administration services. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing tasks such as recruitment, wage hosting, payroll management, and providing comprehensive support for foreign workers, including handling visas, work permits, and TRC matters. Her dedication and proficiency have been invaluable in ensuring seamless and efficient HR operations within the organization.

Head of HR Solutions
Head of HR Solutions

Huong - head of sourcing and supply chain
Huong TRAN
Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain Consulting

Huong’s expertise is fueled by a background in Economics and Finance, bolstered by a decade of experience in the business development field and sourcing consulting, such as CCIFV or Electronic Elek. This unique combination equips her with a diverse skill set, enabling her to effectively cater to multiple project inquiries with precision.

As an expert in sourcing and supply chain management, Huong plays a crucial role in providing consulting services to our clients. Moreover, Huong’s extensive network of connections with local associations and companies adds significant value to her ability to deliver effective solutions. This advantage reinforces the Head of Sourcing & Supply chain consulting as a valuable asset, ensuring the effectiveness in meeting our client’s needs.

Danh - Head of Sales and Trading
Danh VO
Head of Sales and Trading

Danh is a professional business developer with an impressive 12-year track record, of which a decade has been dedicated to his role at Source of Asia. With a background working at notable business development companies such as UBIFRANCE and Erai Vietnam, Danh possesses extensive expertise across diverse industries & projects, including furniture, wood, coating, retail, machinery, and industrial products. Notably, he also serves as a key leader in the Wood Supply project at Source of Asia.

As an expert in project management, sales, distribution channels, and logistics, Danh manages a team of 5 professionals with an aim to bring the best-qualified services to their customers. His diverse skill set enables him to adeptly manage complex projects, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of products and services to our clients.

Kiet DO
Head of Market Approach

Kiet is an experienced and accomplished professional with a track record spanning over a decade. He gained valuable experience at NamCong Engineering Corporation and Power Point Management Co., LTD (Taiwan) as experience managers before joining Source of Asia.

As the current Head of the Market Approach department at the company, Kiet brings his expertise in pharmaceuticals, industrial materials, and information technology, which enables him to craft highly effective business strategies that foster growth and profitability. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the local market, particularly in his areas of expertise, he managed to earn his clients’ trust.