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To provide comprehensive support to Natural Fiber Welding, a material innovation company, in establishing operations in Vietnam. This includes recruiting a dedicated local team, facilitating workspace arrangements, offering legal advice, and assisting with trading cases to ensure smooth operations. 

Project Background:  

Natural Fiber Welding sought assistance from Source of Asia (SOA) to establish its presence in Vietnam, a key market for its natural textiles and zero-plastic complement manufacturing. As a material innovation company, they aim to provide industries such as footwear, fashion, accessories, and automotive with sustainable, petrochemical-free materials. 


Source of Asia (SOA) provided a range of tailored solutions to meet Natural Fiber Welding’s requirements: 

  • Recruitment: We facilitated the recruitment process, sourcing and hiring a dedicated local team in Vietnam aligned with the client’s needs and company culture. 
  • Wage Hosting and Co-working Spaces: SOA managed workplace arrangements, including wage hosting services and providing suitable co-working spaces for the team’s operations. 
  • Expatriate Management: We assisted in managing expatriate employees, ensuring compliance with local regulations and smooth integration into the Vietnamese working environment. 
  • Sourcing Missions and Logistics Support: SOA supported the client in sourcing materials and logistics arrangements, leveraging our network to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Legal Set-up Advice: We provided expert legal advice and assistance in setting up the client’s operations in Vietnam, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations. 


Our efforts resulted in the following successful outcomes for Natural Fiber Welding: 

  • Recruitment: Our team was successfully accomplished the local recruitment mission in Vietnam, meeting the client’s requirements and expectations. 
  • Wage Hosting and Workspace Management: SOA efficiently managed workplace arrangements, providing a conducive environment for the team’s operations. 
  • Trading Cases Support: We successfully supported the client in trading cases, facilitating smooth transactions and operations in Vietnam. 
  • Legal Advice and Solutions: Instant legal advice and solutions were provided to address any operational challenges, ensuring the client’s smooth operation in Vietnam while maintaining compliance with local laws. 

Overall, our comprehensive support has enabled Natural Fiber Welding to establish a strong foothold in Vietnam, furthering their mission of providing sustainable material solutions to global industries. 

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