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Market Expansion

Long-term vision is our mindset.

Our local teams have developed a wide business network, tools, and methods to ensure your market expansion with full visibility of the existing opportunities for your business as well as the way to approach them. But we are not satisfied with the sole introduction of opportunities: we want it to last and involve ourselves in your activities for months if not for years!

Be sure that your ambition is our passion!

We design and implement tailored growth strategies. What’s your next challenge?

Evaluate export potential

An opportunity needs to be validated, to do so we explore all aspects through:

  • Export strategy
  • Market diagnosis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Due diligence

Rely on our proven methodology to make strategy-driven decisions for the future of your exports.

Meet local business partners

Convinced about opportunities? To secure the suitable distribution scheme and ensure expected results, we are mastering:

  • Identification and qualification
  • B2B meetings organization (physical or digital)
  • Sales and contract negotiation

We have built a database of qualified importers, distributors and retailers – and are always willing to explore creative solutions that suit your expectations! Source of Asia even owns an import license and can act as your local distributor.

Represent your brand on the ground

You don’t have a team on the ground to follow operations? We are here. We translate the complexity of ASEAN markets into creative and tangible solutions such as:

  • Following up with your distributors and key accounts
  • Monitoring projects and bidding process
  • Implementing store-checks and on-site visits
  • Conveying your communication contents to ensure visibility

Our experts will act on your behalf to ensure your sustainable growth in the market!

Boost your communication

We are convinced that you are offering a great product or service. Let’s show it to a broader number of people! We reinforce your visibility and increase your brand awareness through:

  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR & Networking events

For 20 years, we have developed a wide network of local prescriptions/influencers, skilled entrepreneurs, business associations, and high-level connections.

Expand through M&A

Building everything from scratch might be challenging. There are plenty of successful local companies – are you considering doing market expansion in Southeast Asia? We support you through:

  • Target identification and qualification
  • Due diligence, valuation and indication of interest from the targeted company
  • Coordination with the targeted company (first contact, meeting organization and accompaniment,…)

Establish locally

Willing to go one step further? We help you set-up and optimize your foothold on the ground through:

  • Recruitment and coaching
  • Wage-hosting
  • Office rental
  • Creation of your legal entity

Leverage on our Corporate Services expertise to establish on the long run.

Market Expansion

We enjoy thinking out-of-the box and going beyond the “on-the-shelves” services nurturing our agility and creativity to address any type of issues and requirements.

Talk to a market expansion expert