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Press Release

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[Ho Chi Minh City, 01/06/2023] – Source of Asia, an international Business Accelerator for corporations and entrepreneurs looking to tap into the opportunities in Asia’s dynamic economy, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with MTC, a renowned Vietnamese firm specializing in healthcare services.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the two entities as they will join forces to develop healthcare projects together.

Vietnam’s healthcare sector plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and vitality of its citizens. However, foreign companies often face unique challenges when it comes to distributing and selling their healthcare products in Vietnam. These challenges include navigating complex regulatory processes, understanding local market dynamics, and ensuring compliance with local standards and requirements.

Source of Asia and MTC, through their strategic partnership, are uniquely positioned to address these challenges and support foreign companies in successfully entering and thriving in the Vietnamese healthcare market. With Source of Asia’s expertise in business’ internationalization and MTC’s specialized services in regulatory affairs and market insights, the partnership offers a comprehensive suite of support to foreign companies seeking to establish a foothold in Vietnam.

MTC’s core business is to register overall healthcare products for their customers either directly with the customer’s entity when they have one or by relying on the MTC license. By joining forces with MTC, Source of Asia solidifies its commitment to offering comprehensive solutions to our valued clients.

One of the key advantages that Source of Asia and MTC provide is their deep understanding of the local regulatory landscape. MTC’s regulatory intelligence services help foreign companies navigate the intricacies of product registration and compliance requirements in Vietnam. They keep clients informed of new emerging regulations, ensuring that their products meet the necessary standards and avoid potential obstacles.

Moreover, MTC’s regulatory affairs consulting services provide comprehensive reports, analysis, and insights into the Vietnam pharmaceutical market. This information empowers foreign companies to make informed decisions, understand local requirements, and develop effective market entry strategies. Source of Asia complements these services with its global network and expertise in innovative healthcare solutions, offering foreign companies access to cutting-edge medical technologies and equipment that meet the local market’s specific needs.

Through their collaboration, Source of Asia and MTC aim to streamline the distribution and selling process for foreign companies in Vietnam. By providing comprehensive support in product registration, intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, and market insights, the partnership ensures a smoother and more successful market entry for foreign healthcare businesses.

“We recognize the challenges that foreign companies face when entering the Vietnamese healthcare market, and we are committed to providing them with the necessary support to overcome these hurdles,” said Thierry Mermet, CEO of Source of Asia. “With our combined expertise, we can guide our customers through the regulatory landscape, offer strategic insights, and deliver innovative healthcare solutions that resonate with the local market, ultimately contributing to the improvement of healthcare services in Vietnam.” explained Trung Tran, CEO of MTC

The partnership between Source of Asia and MTC offers a gateway for foreign companies to tap into the country’s growing healthcare market. By leveraging their collective strengths, Source of Asia and MTC aim to foster innovation, enhance patient care, and contribute to the advancement of the healthcare sector in Vietnam.

For more information about Source of Asia, please contact

For more information about MTC, please contact

Thierry MERMET, CEO of Source of Asia                                                                              Trung TRAN, CEO of MTC                                                                                                     

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Ảnh Chụp Màn Hình 2023 06 01 091431                                                                                                              Ảnh Chụp Màn Hình 2023 06 01 091441