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Source of Asia opens Korean Desk through exclusive partnership with Muser Company

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — January 10th, 2024 — Source of Asia proudly announces its entry into the thriving South Korean market, establishing a dedicated Korean Desk to bolster its commitment to supporting clients’ global expansion endeavors.

In a significant milestone, Source of Asia has forged an exclusive partnership with Muser Company, a distinguished leader in promoting, developing, and managing the expansion plans of foreign enterprises in South Korea for over two decades. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment as Source of Asia continues empowering corporations and entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of international business across Asia.


Muser Company’s extensive expertise in facilitating market entries, conducting meticulous studies, and managing import contracts, alongside its proficiency in diverse sectors such as business services, logistics, industry, and e-commerce, aligns seamlessly with Source of Asia’s commitment to facilitating internationalization.

The newly established Korean Desk will serve as a dedicated hub, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the nuanced requirements of clients seeking to explore, establish, and expand their presence in South Korea. This strategic alliance will enable Source of Asia to deliver end-to-end support, including export facilitation, optimizing global supply chains, and providing robust local operational support.

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About Source of Asia

Source of Asia is an international business accelerator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with 65 experts, offering unparalleled support to corporations and entrepreneurs seeking to navigate and capitalize on the vast opportunities across Vietnam, ASEAN, and beyond. For over two decades, Source of Asia has been the driving force behind successful market entries, operational management, and growth strategies for its clients.

About Muser Company

Muser Company specializes in facilitating and overseeing the establishment of foreign enterprises in South Korea. Their expertise spans a wide spectrum, encompassing market studies, importation, and distribution in both B2B and B2C domains. Additionally, Muser Company excels in managing import contracts, fostering collaborations, and obtaining licenses. They conduct comprehensive market studies across diverse sectors including business services, publishing, online and offline education, cosmetic surgery, logistics, industrial ventures, franchise expansion, and distribution.


For more information on Source of Asia’s Korean Desk and the exclusive partnership with Muser Company, please visit :

Mr. Thierry MERMET, CEO of Source of Asia  :

Mr. Christophe MUSER, CEO of Muser Company :