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To promote BW Industrial to the manufacturing community in European countries, with a particular focus on France, Germany, and Denmark. And, to increase BW’s visibility and support in identifying prospects and customers interested in expanding or establishing manufacturing facilities in Vietnam. 

Project background:  

BW Industrial is a renowned developer known for providing high-quality factories and warehouses for rent in Vietnam. Recognizing the immense potential of the European market, they partnered with Source of Asia (SOA) to execute a comprehensive plan. This project aimed to create awareness about BW’s offerings, attract potential investors, and facilitate connections between European businesses and BW’s industrial solutions in Vietnam.  


BW Industrial’s objectives were addressed through a strategic amalgamation of initiatives: 

  1. Marketing & Communication: Crafting insightful content showcasing Vietnam’s potential as a promising industrial hub, disseminated through diverse formats including social media posts, newsletters, website articles, and webinars. Collaboration with partners resulted in the publication of a booklet “Doing Business in Vietnam 2022” and the creation of a testimonial, further cementing BW’s value proposition.
  2. Sales & Prospection: A comprehensive approach encompassing data collection, categorization, direct outreach, and participation in international fairs, thereby establishing direct connections with potential clients. The numbers reflected the efficacy of these efforts, with substantial contacts made and promising leads generated.
  3. Partnerships Development: A methodical strategy was employed to foster partnerships, utilizing data collection, database management, direct outreach, and participation in events (both offline and online). This approach bolstered BW’s network and positioned them as a conduit to valuable opportunities.
  4. Business Trips to EU: 2 business trips to EU have been organized within a 10-month time, to  France, Germany, and Denmark. The objectives were, first, to promote Vietnam as a burgeoning industrial hub within ASEAN, and second, to assist BW in gaining insights into European needs and investment culture.  
SOA x BW: Business Trip
SOA x BW: Business Trip
SOA x BW: Business Trip
Successful Business Trip In November 2022
business trip to europe


The concerted efforts undertaken in collaboration with BW Industrial culminated in noteworthy outcomes: 

  1. Robust Digital Presence: A staggering over 100 LinkedIn posts, increase to over 3,000 reactions, 200,000 impressions, along with an array of newsletters, expertise articles, webinars, and booklets, underpinned the comprehensive digital engagement. 
  2. Effective Sales & Prospection: Nearly 12,000 contacts established, more than 20 fairs participated in, multiple leads introduced, and tangible engagement metrics such as booklet downloads, site visits, and live sessions. 
  3. Strategic Partnerships: A considerable roster of 65 events, workshops, and B2B meetings with partners to further expanded BW’s reach and influence within the targeted sectors. 
  4. Successful Business Trips: We organized in total 2 business trips to EU: 
  • First trip in November 2022: Through direct engagement with strategic partners in Europe (Germany, France and Denmark), BW seized opportunities to highlight Vietnam’s industrial potential, resulting in a collection of several meetings, international fair participation (with BW’s booth), and webinars. 
  • Second trip in September 2023: Throughout this journey back to these 3 countries, SOA actively participated in various B2B meetings with partners and customers, workshops, participation in international fairs, and site visits to industrial hubs and factories… And engaging with attendees to share insights and exchange innovative ideas and best practices. This trip has proven instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for collaborative endeavors between Vietnam and Europe at large, with a special focus on establishing connections, introducing new business networks in the targeted countries, and strengthening BW’s presence in the European market.  

BW Industrial’s strategic collaboration with SOA resulted in a multifaceted approach that not only elevated their visibility in Europe but also facilitated connections with potential clients and partners, ultimately expanding their presence in the industrial real estate market. The business trip further solidified these efforts, establishing a promising path for BW Industrial’s growth in the European market. SOA and BW are both ready to accompany new investors in their upcoming journey in Vietnam.  

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