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Corporate Services

Flexibility is our mindset.

Significant time and effort are required to gain a deep understanding of the business environment and legal practices in Southeast Asian markets. Benefit from our experience and our local teams to expand your business activities without administrative pressure while maintaining a high level of flexibility. Indeed, you are right to be hesitant, our service gives you the possibility to change your plans half-way and our experts are able to cope with the unexpected and provide tailor-made corporate services solutions that best fit your needs.

We optimize and simplify your local operations. What’s your next challenge?

Build your local team

Looking for a competent local workforce? Human Capital Management is at the heart of our expertise. Without the need of creating your own legal entity, we offer a wide range of appropriate solutions to build your team locally:

  • Recruitment and coaching
  • EOR (Employer On Record) / Wage hosting
  • Payroll management
  • PIT (Personal Income Tax) and Insurance Management
  • Co-working space rental

With a database of 5000+ CVs, more than a 100 of employees on our payroll and 63 external people working at our premises, we are your trusted partner in the long-run!

Relocate foreign employees

Willing to test the market with one (or more!) existing employee(s)? We offer a turnkey solution to make it possible!

  • Management of foreign workers (Visas, TRC, Work Permit)
  • VIE hosting (Volontariat International en Entreprise)
  • PIT (Personal Income Tax) and Insurance Management
  • EOR/Wage hosting and office rental

We manage the whole process, ensuring a smooth relocation and an efficient and compliant set-up in your new target market.

Host your team

Looking for the best working conditions for your team? Whether you want to share the synergies in our hub or you are willing to have your own office, we find the most suitable atmosphere:

  • Desks rental in our dedicated open space
  • Closed office in our building
  • New location research and set-up

Located at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City’s dynamism, our 1000m2 office space is the perfect place to leverage on our network and build synergies!

Establish locally

Your business has gained a substantial size, things have to get more concrete if you want to develop more. Source of Asia can accompany you in your establishment in the country as well as in the business administration later on.

  • Company registration and licensing
  • Nominee Director
  • Corporate secretarial Services

Our solutions are provided in collaboration with our legal experts through our privileged network of lawyers with whom we interact on daily-basis in order to ensure full compliance for the execution of your project.

Outsource administrative tasks

You have asserted your presence legally and operationally, but the local compliance remains a challenge? Let us support with:

  • Accounting Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Annual Reports

We understand the need to operate under your own name and bring compliant solutions to take over the time-consuming workload. Stay focus on your core business!

Operate locally

Your trust is the biggest challenge. How to rely on a third party for your business operations at the other end of the world? We are aware of your concerns, the success of your projects depends on our ability to gain your trust in the first place. Our goal is that you feel comfortable relying on Source of Asia for your local operations such as:

  • Local invoicing
  • Imports and customs
  • Storage

Our existing customers using this business model register an average of +20% sales growth per year. A turnkey solution to free up your mind!

Process management

SOA is able to support you on providing process management services. We can accompany you to reinvent your business processes and make them more efficient and relevant for your team :

  • Assess the current process
  • Analyze the data, workload, and organizational structure
  • Offer solutions to improve or create a new process management
  • Organize A/B testing, evaluate and implement the new process

We facilitate your business by setting up efficient process management for which we have had the expertise for over 20 years.


We are not limited to our “on the shelves” services but bring agility and creativity to address any type of issues and requirements.

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