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Locally connected

Creating and leading partnerships is the heart of our growth strategy in Southeast Asia. We are deeply connected for over 20 years with the local environment and participate in numerous associations and federations.

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Years experience in Asia
Happy customers
Market reports & webinars/ year
Modern office space
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We enable you to explore new markets, operate and grow your business in Southeast Asia, through:

  • Growth strategies to successfully transition into your target export countries.
  • Optimization of your production organization and outsourcing your whole supply chain management.
  • Managing your setup as you solidify your foothold in Vietnam and beyond in ASEAN countries.
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Steven Tchira, Decowraps Ceo

We’re very happy  with the selection of  the ERP party. The  project is going smoothly, and we hope to have the go-live soon. We are also very satisfied with the service of SOA during this project.

After a few years of low sales level in Vietnam, we have found with SOA an alternative representation system which is very successful. The unique SOA tailor-made solution gives us a secured business model with higher margins and better control over our customers.

Mr. Jean Louis Cadart
Mr. Jean-Louis Cadart
Head of Asia

We started working with Source of Asia as a corporate service to help us with any administration-related tasks as our Asia offices are based in Vietnam. Source of Asia has been able to help us with different topics such as Visas, Work permits, and bank accounts. We also recently started to work with Source of Asia to regarding market expansion in Vietnam. The SoA team has been able to organize several very high-quality meetings with executive-level prospects from key companies. The organization and process were very smooth overall.

Mr. Christophe Poisson
Mr. Christophe Poisson
Vietnam Country Manager

I am very comfortable working at SOA coworking space. It is a nice and quiet place, and I had a very good welcome from the people of SOA. What I appreciate at the office is the family spirit. Each time I have something, I have some questions, people will answer, and they will be very helpful. I think SOA is a trusted company and would recommend warmly to work with SOA.

Mr. Jérémie Potier
Mr. Jérémie Potier
Business Development Manager - Vietnam & SEA

Considering the situation in Vietnam, I can’t emphasize enough how efficient SOA has been in helping me obtain the necessary documents to enter Vietnam. Not only did they do a great job at that, but they always answered my questions accurately, in record time. Having past experiences in SEA, I wasn’t really worried about my arrival, but being at SOA really fast forwarded the whole process, thanks to the staff and the other persons working there.

Valentine - Akrocean
Asian-Pacific Development Manager

Source of Asia’s analytical work was a great help to AKROCEAN in understanding the market situation in our field of activity and identify opportunities for our floating LiDAR service in Vietnam.
Following this analysis, we received support from SOA for the development of our activities in Vietnam, which has intensified since my installation in Ho Chi Minh City (first business representative office of AKROCEAN in Asia-Pacific).
We’re very proud of how far we’ve come since SOA’s analytical work and thank them for their support every step of the way.

We praise SOA for their work and their strong local connections. Without SOA’s ability to collect information from key people, we would not have been able to reach our goals.

It was very important for us to maintain and even grow our presence towards Vietnamese importers & distributors, even if we could not visit the country anymore. Thanks to SOA local team, we had direct contact with many local buyers and even detected new opportunities That’s why the initial mission was reconducted.

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