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When deciding to expand businesses in new markets, investors will find themselves stuck with many important questions to answer: what do you know about these markets? Will the potential business partners be open to your approaches? Will you be capable of ensuring a solid relationship with customers during the market expansion process? Do not worry anymore ! Having a reputable Sales Representative is one method to address these issues. But…how?

This article will help you understand more about the role of Sales Representatives service and why a business should have one in its business expansion oversea plan.

1/ Overview of Sales Representative in a company

A. What is a Sales Representative?

Simply said, a Sales Representative promotes a company’s brand while selling their goods or services. From the initial lead outreach until the actual purchase, they manage client connections and function as the primary point of contact.

All stages of the sales process involve a sales representative having direct consumer interactions. They are in charge of determining a customer’s needs, making suitable product or service recommendations, and making sure customers have a great experience from beginning to end. In other words, building and keeping good client connections as well as persistently looking for new business prospects are the end goal of a Sales Representative.

B. The importance of a Sales Representative

It might be highly advantageous to enter into a sales representative arrangement with a local partner, especially when it comes to closing deals and covering prospects.

Here we list out 6 top advantages that a Sales Representative can bring to your business:

  1. Present predictable sales costs

You can predict your sales costs by using a sales representative service. This is really important as by doing this, you can effectively manage their cash flow and devote resources for future growth.

2. Lower sales costs

Hiring a Sales Representative can also be more economical compared to the average cost for direct sales employees. Having a direct sales team, a company has to take in mind various costs such as base pay, travel expenses, insurance benefits, stock/profit sharing plans, sick leave, etc. Not to mention payroll taxes, bonding fees, etc.

3. Decrease administrative costs

Here is a great truth: when using an outside sales force, the rising costs of payroll administration for salespeople as well as other administrative services are drastically cut back, and in some cases entirely eliminated!

4. Reduce turnover and training costs for sales staff

When you hire a new salesperson, you begin paying them right away, but they don’t begin paying off for you for a very long time, if ever. The sales they lose due to all of these changes cannot be made up. However, with a Sales Representative team which usually consists of qualified and experienced sales crew, these losts can be prevented from the first place.

5. Provide quick market access

A local sales representative has a deep understanding of the market they serve. They can help your company understand the local business environment, cultural norms, and consumer behavior. This information can be crucial in determining the best marketing strategies and pricing models to use.

6. Offer a more aggressive, highly experienced sales force

According to surveys, the human resources of Sales Representative agencies are highly educated, trained, and was senior salesperson or sales manager before starting their own agency or working for one. Take it this way: your Sales Representative is highly result-driven, they must sell to survive, thus they will make every minute of sales time count, as they are typically only paid when a sale is made.

Sales Representative

2/ SOA’s Sale Representative service – An ultimate solution for international businesses

Expanding a business in Vietnam requires a considerable amount of time and effort, especially a thorough understanding of market insight, business environment, and cost expenditure for human resources.

Our Sales Representatives resolve these struggles for all foreign companies of all caliber and purposes by providing innovative and trusted business plans.

A. Sales Representatives at SOA

The Sales Representative holds accountability for sales performance overseas, which would receive certain expectations from the clients. Any foreign companies entering a new market aim to achieve distinctive business goals, which include increasing brand awareness, and market share, building customer relationships, and acknowledging government trends.

As such, having a Sales Representative team assists investors and foreigners overcome certain difficulties and obstacles related to launching their sales business in Vietnam. Most prominently, they have to conduct market research, find local suppliers or manufacturers then later on, execute sales strategies, and solve customer problems without an extensive understanding of local consumer insights. All of this can be managed in a timely manner with the Sales Representative team.

B. Understanding the local market in Vietnam and adapting to the client’s needs 

Understanding this, SOA can guide you with your market expansion strategy in Vietnam and future expected nations. Our service supports clients with a full-package service, notably Strategy, Price Setting, Action Plan, Customer Relationship, and Market Education.

We guide you to build your trusted local sales team to increase sales effectiveness by providing intensive market and local study, a 5-year development plan and a suitable marketing and promotion campaign for the local market.

SOA professionals are able to handle unexpected requests and provide specialized services that best suit your demands. The Sales Representative team is responsible for solving internal problems by having diverse technical, strategy, and marketing departments.

Aside from top-of-the-line services, we are also capable of quickly adapting to all our client’s needs as well as bringing up timely solutions to any problems that arise in production and sales aspects. This can help reduce costs and time for clients since multiple contacts for stakeholders are no longer required.

3/ About our Sales Representative team

SOA owns a strong and long-established network base across different sectors in Vietnam and Southeast Asia countries that allow us to assist clients in expanding the market and developing projects. We have been utilizing this strength at your service to help you expand your business in Vietnam. The Sales Representatives team at SOA is trusted by our clients and ensures the working quality by presenting frequent performance reports and strong sales plans.

Besides, with more than 20 years of local experience in the Vietnamese market, the Sales Representative team is at your service for establishment and development. We provide you insights into the domestic market situation, changes in Vietnamese consumer behavior, find suppliers and manufacturers, product costs, etc.

4/ Final thoughts

Investors and foreigners when establishing a local sales team in Vietnam would surely encounter difficulties in understanding the local business situation. The management of sales performance, emergent situation occurrences, and building a network in Vietnam would be a certain challenge when you are overseas. Therefore, having a Sales Representative team like SOA will maximise your growth potential and reduce unwanted costs.

With a strong base in the Vietnam market and a wide network among Southeast Asia countries, SOA enhances your business and supports you rapidly to accelerate growth.