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Objective:  to establish their own manufacturing facility in Vietnam, in close proximity to their customer’s suppliers, to enhance operational efficiency and strengthen their supply chain. 

Project Background:  

XINTEC’s need is to extend the presence in Southeast Asia and reach SOA to identify Vietnam as an ideal location for their manufacturing facility. By setting up a facility in Vietnam, they aim to establish closer proximity to their customer’s suppliers, facilitating better collaboration and responsiveness. Moreover, with SOA’s corporate service, we assist them in recruitment.  

They trust and use both services at SOA, including Sourcing & Supply Chain Services and Corporate Services: 


The project is implementing five key steps to facilitate XINTEC’s establishment in Vietnam. 

  1. Location Benchmark and Office Search: Conduct a thorough analysis to identify suitable areas for XINTEC’s operations, evaluating various industrial zones and conducting a location benchmark. This ensures an informed decision regarding the optimal location. 
  2. Mapping Industrial Zones and Factory Space Search: Map industrial zones in Vietnam and conduct a search for appropriate factory spaces, considering XINTEC’s specific requirements. 
  3. On-Site Visits and Evaluation: Design and execute a series of on-site visits to potential factories, gathering essential information for decision-making and evaluating the suitability of each site. 
  4. Company Set-up and Supply Chain Partner Search: Initiate the company set-up process and assist XINTEC in finding local supply chain partners, ensuring a seamless integration into the Vietnamese market. 
  5. Recruitment: assist in recruit employees that meet their profile’s requirements.  
expanding operation in vietnam - Xintec
expanding operation in vietnam - Xintec


  • Identification of 30 potential industrial parks and office locations, providing XINTEC with a range of options to consider. 
  • Five-day business visits enabled direct engagement and evaluation of prospective sites, resulting in a successful factory lease contract. 

The project is currently ongoing, and SOA team is assisting Xintec in establishing successful manufacturing in Vietnam. At the same time, we are actively seeking talented individuals who can collaborate and satisfy Xintec’s demands. More information will be updated frequently in the coming months.  

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